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11 April 2011 @ 08:23 pm
let's take a bet. what will my new office going to look like?  
On Saturday I went to the office to do a little cleaning and thinking. Well, I ran smack dab into Jim and Charlie, who were just getting out of the office. I thought, shit, this could be good, or this could look bad.

Sure enough, today Brian found out about it. I'm pretty sure one of these two mentioned it to him. But when he came to my office today, he just said, "Uh, I noticed that you came in this weekend". I just stared at him, wasn't sure where he was going with it. Really? How did you notice that I was here exactly? Were you spying on me? You weren't here. I would've seen you. And if you had seen me or my car on Saturday, you would have stopped by my office then. Then he said something afterwards about Jim saying something to him. And he said, 'why didn't you tell me?' OK, then why didn't he just say Jim saw you on Saturday. Why did he have to make it sound like he was the one who saw me? I don't quite understand that. And I don't know why he's asking me about it anyway. Maybe he was concerned that I had something else going on that's taking my time away from that project.

WTH. I don't know why this bothers me. I could have said something maybe, but I didn't. Like, I came in to check up on the progress of the new office because I thought it was going to be ready by Monday? And today is Monday? Why was I not surprised to see no one was there working on it? And by the way, is it going to have a light switch? Electrical outlets? Or is it just going to be an enclosed space that has a door? I guess we'll just have to see.
Current Mood: cynicalcynical